Episode 100: It’s our 100th Episode EXTRAVIGANZA!!!!

In this episode: Your hosts talk about why the heck we do this silly thing, and why we’ve done so for 100 episodes. We
also have special guests from three of our favorite podcasts coming in to share what makes “nostalgia” such an interesting thing.

It’s a love-a-thon for all thing retro, old school, nostalgic and amazing!


Download the episode directly HERE.

Edgar Velasco: @MoonSpiderHugs
Robert Menes: @LambdaCalculus

And Our Special GUESTS!!!!

Square Waves FM: squarefm.demodulated.com
(Brian and Bianca)
Brian – @demodulated
Bianca – @maximum_bird

Back Seat Designers: backseatdesigners.com
(Troels Pleimert, Frederik Olsen, and Gareth Millward)
Troels – @SQHistorian
Frederik – @frederik_olsen
Gareth – @MillieQED

SpaceKappa: spacekappa.com
(Joe & Christina Walker)
Joe Walker – @SpaceKappa
Christina Walker – @LadyStarstorm

Posted by Robert Menes

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