Having Each Other’s Backs (A Shout-Out to Amiten TV)

Here’s the thing about being a content creator: no matter what some people try to paint otherwise, content creators are a tight-knit community. And not just content creators, either! People gravitate towards common passions and interests, and the communities that form around those passions are just as tight-knit! It doesn’t matter what the interest is: be it vinyl collectors, photographers, artists, musicians, retro gaming, retro computers, those communities look out for their members and have each other’s backs through thick and thin.

Combine content creation with a passion or common interest, and that feeling of tight-knit togetherness is nigh-unbreakable. Which is exactly why I want to shout out to a content creator who damn well deserves the support and love of the Amiga community and beyond: Johnny Acevedo of Amiten TV!

In the most recent livestream Johnny held on 10 February, he was about ready to throw in the towel on Amiten TV; he had less than 700 subscribers on YouTube, had been running the channel for 4 years, and felt as if he had little to show for it. It’s an understandable feeling sometimes: you’re doing all of this hard work and pouring blood, sweat, and tears into your content for a very long time, and for what? For peanuts? Johnny’s frustration was very real, and something we understand ourselves. Word got around that he wanted out; he was ready to cash in his chips and call it a night on Amiten TV for good.

But if there’s one thing I know about the Amiga community, being a member of it and all, it’s that the words “give up” mean absolutely shit. We don’t know the words “give up”; they don’t exist in our playbook. If we did “give up”, there wouldn’t even be a single iota of the community that there is today!

And so the Amiga community poured out in droves to support one of their own!

Articles about Amiten TV appeared on sites like Vintage Is The New Old and Amitopia. Amiga-centric content creators voiced their support and concerns. The outpouring was insane, and word traveled fast! Within a week, Amiten TV’s subscription count shot up by over 200 subscribers.

Never, EVER underestimate the power of passion and love! 😉

And it worked. Johnny looks like he’s going to still be with us; he’s posted a video yesterday thanking us all for the support! It’s well deserved, Johnny; you’re one of the best Amiga-related YouTubers out there, and everything you do is a labor of love, passion, and desire to share work and information on the computer that brings us all together!

We would be incredibly sad to see a guy like Johnny drop off the map. He’s done so many wonderful things on his channel (come on; who else is crazy enough to code a game live, on camera??), and he’s a pillar of the Amiga community, a wonderful content creator, and like every other content creator we befriend, we have his back and always will!

Thank you for everything that you do, Johnny, and AMIGA FOREVER!!!

Posted by Robert Menes

One of the hosts. Talks super fast. Drinks too much coffee. Loves DOS games, movies, vinyls, photography, beer, Amigas, and doing shit on computers. Sometimes hacker. Makes money doing shit with computers.