Saturday Morning Breakfast Mix – Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Breakfast Mix! A show that remembers and honors those great cartoon shows that many of us grew up with. Whether you were an 80s kid or a 90s kid, we all remember those Saturday mornings just sitting in your living room/bedroom wearing your footie pajamas with a box of cereal In hand and enjoying hours upon hours of television geared towards you.

The planet Prysmos – A futuristic world where technological advances created to help mankind are suddenly rendered useless when the planets suns are realigned. Out of this post-technological loss, two groups would rise to dominance from the devastation to wage war upon each other. One is controlled by honest and law-abiding people and the other by criminals and villains.

The groups are now divided between the good Spectral Knights and the evil Darkling Lords. The battle for supremacy begins. These are The VISIONARIES!

So sit back, ready yourself with a bowl of your favorite cereal, and take a look back at the history behind one of the most interesting and fascinating cartoon series that, to this day, was the only Hasbro property to be produced by Sunbow Entertainment on their own, without the aid of Marvel Productions.

For when the age of science is over ,he age of magic has begun.
These are the Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light.


Posted by Edgar Velasco

PODCASTER who runs 2 different shows. Loves 8bit music, retrogaming , comics and Pro wrestling ..... and Platypuses are awesome