Having Each Other’s Backs (A Shout-Out to MsMadLemon)

Here’s the thing about being a content creator: no matter what some people try to paint otherwise, content creators are a tight-knit community. And not just content creators, either! People gravitate towards common passions and interests, and the communities that form around those passions are just as tight-knit! It doesn’t matter what the interest is: be it vinyl collectors, photographers, artists, musicians, retro gaming, retro computers, those communities look out for their members and have each other’s backs through thick and thin.

Combine content creation with a passion or common interest, and that feeling of tight-knit togetherness is nigh-unbreakable. And today, I want to do another shout-out to another one of our favorite content creators, who runs a rich and varied YouTube channel full of the nerdier side of life, as well as all of life’s simple pleasures: Madija Al-Husyni, also known online to her friends and subscribers as MsMadLemon!

Maddi’s YouTube channel is a cornucopia of different topics, ranging from her early Minecraft videos, to building a Hackintosh computer; from showing off various pieces of very beautiful vintage stereo equipment to just chilling out and unwrapping cassettes; from vintage computers and old school video gaming, to composing music, and of course, to her beloved Amiga computer!

A true Amiga girl at heart, Maddi’s love and passion for the platform is one of the strongest and most genuine passions amongst the community. In 2016, she published a video discussing some of her history and background with the Amiga platform, from when she was a little girl to present day. Spoken with honesty and passion, the videos shows that even when parted from the Amiga, she always held it close to her heart and never let go. That’s true dedication!

Now rocking several Amigas, including her tried and true 1200, her Amiga 500, and an Amiga 600 with a Vampire accelerator, Maddi has created several videos where she mods and repairs her Amigas, or will sit back and play some Amiga games (and also some Commodore 64 games, too!) from her youth on her Nostalgia Time videos, which are always a fun watch and a nice way to enjoy exploring new games to check out!

Maddi’s Retro Corner, where retro computers are loved!

But that’s just scratching the surface. Maddi knows the ins and outs of her retro computers, yes, but there’s much more! Hand her a soldering iron and watch magic happen! 😉

As I mentioned earlier, vintage electronics are another passion of hers! In several videos, Maddi has repaired a beautiful reel-to-reel recorder, a vintage boombox, a stereo cassette deck, and several Walkmans! And she does it all like anyone else does: solving problems, being immensely curious, and simply wanting to not let good tech go to waste! Maddi’s curiosity is truly innate: she always is exploring, opening up devices, and seeing what can be done with them.

Her channel also covers some more eclectic topics, such as planting habanero plants, making tea and coffee, exploring various types of teas, trying out yerba mate, and of course, composing music and playing her guitar.

Being an artist in heart and soul, Maddi’s approach to everything she does is truly unique. She’s curious, upbeat, and unstoppable, approaching her love for tech and Amigas with a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts, and a pot of tea hot enough to light the fires of artistic expression in anyone who watches her videos. She’s one in a million; a sharp, smart woman who takes everything in and can make it second nature! When it’s said “live, breathe, eat, sleep your art”, Maddi takes those words to heart in everything she does. Everyone else may try to copy, but there’s only one Maddi!

Recently, Maddi has hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube after about 3 years. Despite some bumps in the road and a few run-ins with some less than savory types, she has persevered and persisted, and this milestone was absolutely well deserved. We want to extend a round of congratulations to her, and will always have her back as she continues to create, fix, smile, and play!

The heart of a true geek; the soul of an artist.

If you’d like to check out more of Maddi’s work, check out these links:

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(All photos, videos, and music linked in this article are copyright Madija Al-husayni and used with her permission)

Posted by Robert Menes

One of the hosts. Talks super fast. Drinks too much coffee. Loves DOS games, movies, vinyls, photography, beer, Amigas, and doing shit on computers. Sometimes hacker. Makes money doing shit with computers.