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What’s that?
It’s the Newest Installment of “From Pixels to Chiptunes” Tribute video covering a well known Video game franchise that I adored growing up.

Just time for the Summer Season, as a special reward for you all for following and supporting The Nostalgia Road Trip.

And don’t worry, I am currently working on the next episode of “The Saturday Morning Breakfast Mix” I just think this is nice little Side project I like to do in Between each episode!

So, now that the business is out of the way, here it is, a new “From Pixels to Chiptunes” covering one of my favorite series: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Continue reading →

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STAGE 57: Silent Hill

STAGE 57: Silent Hill

What was originally intended to be Konami’s foray into dominating the North American sales market thanks to the success of Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise, a small group of developers for Konami, known for under-performing in previous video game projects, literal outcasts within their own company, were put together to focus on this new endeavor. With emphasis on Hollywood-like atmosphere, Konami would essentially place this daunting task on their new christened “Team Silent”, who in all reality did not know to go about creating a Hollywood-like experience, resulting in Konami slowly loosing faith in the project.

As time passed, the personnel and management of Konami lost their faith in the game, eventually leaving Team Silent to do what they wanted resulting in them ignoring the limits of Konami’s initial plan, and making Silent Hill a game that would appeal to the emotions of players instead, giving them more creative freedom and led them to focus their efforts in creating a game focusing on the fear of the unknown.

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