A Few Words About the Late Great Adam West

We here at the Nostalgia Road Trip are saddened to hear of the passing of a legendary actor of film and screen; Adam West.

Very little people truly define pop culture. Adam West did that. A true legend.

I first discovered Batman as a character when the CW, then known as WPIX channel eleven, reran the series in the year of 89 to coincide with the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton movie.
Not also did it air at 5pm on weekdays, but during the summer it also aired weekday mornings also between reruns of other classic shows like happy days and the mork and Mindy.

To many, including myself ,he was our first Batman. Our Only Batman.
His performance as well as the show itself was campy to some, but it brought great joy to me during those 22 minutes of pure heroic entertainment. A noble, heroic Fatherly figure that became an iconic Television role model.

For some, Batman was the Dark Knight, but when discussing Adam West, he was my Bright Knight.

Still can’t help but grin whenever i would watch the Batman TV show, or hear his voice whenever he would guest star in various cartoon shows growing up.

He was loved and adored by many in and out of the television and film industry.
No more than his number 1 fan, comedian actor RALPH GARMAN. A fan, just like you and me, who went above and beyond to show how much Adam west meant to him growing up that he spear-headed and worked tirelessly to get Adam a star on the Hollywood walk of fame….. And in the end, thanks to support to Fans who also grew up on that program, He is now immortalized amongst Hollywood legends of both silver and small screen.
Any chance i got ,on whatever network it aired, I would stop whatever I was doing to watch this amazing show. Adventures of super heroics against a villainous rogues gallery. Each episode was an adventure, filled with colorful characters that got you hooked every time you saw it.. and in this crazy world where we can get that 22 minute escape, it makes a difference…. And For that, I’m grateful.
When someone passes away with a great body of work that has been seen by many, he not only becomes a legend, but becomes immortalized in the hearts and minds of those that he has touched till the end of time.
Farewell, Caped Crusader. Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed. Thank you always!

Posted by Edgar Velasco

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