Episode 179: Taping Over Old Memories of Now Long Lost Toy Stores

In this episode, Our amazing Hosts talk about what useless television shows they taped whenever they had access to the VCR,  and even dive into some deep history of classic Dr. Who stuff (don’t blame me, blame Robert)! We also talk about the final nail in the coffin which is the now defunct toy store that was Toys R Us. Also, VHS tapes are awesome!!!

It’s two morons killing a half hour of your life that you will never get back, HOOOOORAY!!!

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We are:
Edgar Velasco (@MoonSpiderHugs)
Robert Menes (@LambdaCalculus)

*The opening theme – “Tequila” By The Champs

*The ending theme – “My Future Broken Heart (from the Party Hard game Soundtrack)” By Felipe Adorno Vassao

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Posted by Edgar Velasco

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