Episode 144: Spanking it to Pete’s Wife From Goof Troop on a Lonely Disney Afternoon

In this episode, our lovable hosts discuss Goof Troop and wonder if it was ever as popular as DuckTales, Darkwing Duck or even Rescue Rangers. We talk some video games before, like usual, we get sidelined with some random stuff and even talk about how awesome Gargoyles was!

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We are:
Edgar Velasco (@MoonSpiderHugs)
Robert Menes (@LambdaCalculus)

The opening themes – “Darkwing Duck” & “Goof Troop” Opening themes

The ending theme – “Gargoyles ” & “Ducktales” Opening Themes


Posted by Edgar Velasco

PODCASTER who runs 2 different shows. Loves 8bit music, retrogaming , comics and Pro wrestling ..... and Platypuses are awesome