Honoring The Legendary STAN LEE

We here at the Nostalgia Road Trip are saddened to hear of the passing of comic legend Stan lee.
A man’s who’s contribution to Pop Culture cannot be overstated. A visionary that revolutionized the world comics by giving readers an endless, imaginative playground filled with the most incredible characters ever.

Super Heroes that were not measured by their powers but by the strength of their virtues and commitment for doing good
He was a creator of modern mythology that possessed positive lessons that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Good will always triumph over any obstacle and taught us that there are no limits to our future as long as we have access to our imagination.

a man who shaped so much of what being a REAL hero could be.
and gave us a world filled with characters that represented each and everyone of us: although yes, they had extraordinary, unbelievable abilities, they were still flawed and showed us reflections of a world we knew.

a world where Spider-Man is really just a boy by the name of peter Parker, a local boy from Forrest hills queens, who only wanted to to do whats best to help those around him, to fighting prejudice and hatred beyond the walls of the Charles Xavier institute for gifted children is just something that resonated with many readers, that to this day have become sonorous with The marvel Universe.

Be it in the pages of the monthly books, the animated programs of our youths or even the big budget live action versions of these heroic exploits, The message will always be clear: Its okay to be different, it’s okay to fight for what you believe in and that by doing what is right is the tue strength of a hero.
No one in the world of comic books will ever replace Stan Lee so lets celebrate the life of this amazing individual to whom along with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko reshaped our popular culture and embraced the timeless gift of imagination.

so with that I say THANK YOU STAN LEE.

Thank you for teaching generations of children that no matter who they are…there is more to life than what is given to you…… ‪
that your Lessons in life will continue to inspire generations of children, writers and artists as much now as was in the past.
Inspiration that will be with us until the end of time.
You will be sorely missed but forever in our hearts.

…now onto your newest adventures with those that helped create not just memorable characters and stories


…….but a UNIVERSE!


Posted by Edgar Velasco

PODCASTER who runs 2 different shows. Loves 8bit music, retrogaming , comics and Pro wrestling ..... and Platypuses are awesome