STAGE 63: Pro Wrestling Games 2

With Events like The wwe’s Wrestlemania, New japan pro wrestling’s Wrestlekingdom and it’s ever-growing popularity outside of it’s home country in of Japan, as well as the inception of All Elite Wrestling and it’s success with last years ALL IN pay per view event, Pro wrestling seems to be in a renaissance period not seen since the mid 90s.

Although WWE seems to dominate the video game wrestling world with each 2k entry every year, The return of a classic franchise in the form of Fire Pro wrestling has given Pro wrestling fans a new alternative that is welcomed in this new era of Pro wrestlings growing exposure.

Now for those diehard fans who aren’t quite ready to enter the real world of professional wrestling, there have always been wrestling games – those digital experiences that allow them to step into their favorite superstar’s boots, whether it be for the WWE , New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor , AEW or even a newly created wrestling company brought upon by your own imagination.

Like the best wrestling matches, the best wrestling games don’t just focus on the exciting moments in order to be truly great. Each Pro Wrestling game offers various forms of variety in style, roster depths, and availability to those hardcore fanatics to new eyes watching for the first time.

So it is why this STAGE of the Retro VGM Revival Hour we enter the squared circle once more to settle the score with selected tracks from various pro wrestling games.

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Full track listing:
===========Game – Composer – Title – Company========


1.) All Star Pro-Wrestling – Tsuyoshi Sekito & Kenichiro Fukui – “Mighty Dragon, Strong Muscles, Demolisher & King of Monsters” – November 22, 2001 (Japan Only) – Square – PS2

2.) 3 Count Bout – Masahiko Hataya – “Fighting Spirit Mountain Guy (Stage 4), My Dear Wrestling (Ending Theme) & Fire Suplex (Title Theme)” – April 23, 1993 – SNK – Arcades, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD & Nintendo Switch

3.) Onita Atsushi FMW – Takeshi Yasuda – “Character Select, Killer Marshal & Masked Bondage“ – August 6, 1993 (Japan Only) – Marionette/Pony Canyon – Super Famicom

4.) Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special – Masamichi Yamazaki, Chiyomaru Shikura, Yukie Sugawara & Shintaro Jyocha – “Theme of Samurai Jiro (Toshi Gotoh/Inazuma Kengo/Kuniaki Igarashi) & Theme of Mitsuhide Hikawa (Keiji Togashi/Shun Akikwawa/Kiyoshi Akechi)” – December 22, 1994 (Japan Only) – Human Entertainment – Super Famicom

5.) Stardust Suplex – Yusuke Takahama – “Theme of Ueda Kyoko, Theme of Hell Takano & Theme of Rando Jun“ – Jan 20, 1995 (Japan Only) – Varie – Super Famicom

6.) HammerLock Wrestling – Suguru Ishida – “Theme of Great Max, Theme of Sam Warhammer & Theme of Spud Marmoset” – September 30, 1994 – Jaleco – SNES

7.) Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling Dash: Sekai Saikyō Tag (Natsume Championship Wrestling)- Iku Mizutani, Kinuyo Yamashita & Hiroyuki Iwatsuki – “Theme of Jumbo Tsuruta, Theme of Akira Taue & Theme of Mitsuharu Misawa“ – June 1994 – Natsume – SNES, Wii & Wii U Virtual Console

8.) Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling ’95: Tokyo Dome Battle 7 – Yusuke Takahama – “Theme of Masahiro Chono & Theme of Scott Norton” – Jun 30, 1995 (Japan Only) – Varie – Super Famicom

9.) WCW vs nWo: World Tour – Hideaki Mitsui – “BGM2, Grand Championship Title Match & Mode Select”- November 30, 1997 – Asmik Ace Entertainment & AKI Corporation/THQ – Nintendo 64

10.) Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling ’94: Battlefield in Tokyo Dome – Kenichi Koyano – “Theme of Steiner Brothers, Theme of Riki Choshu & Theme of Shinya Hashimoto” – November 25, 1994 (japan Only) – Fujicom – TurboGrafx CD

11.) Fire Pro Wrestling G – Shigemitsu Goto & Yasuto Kokubu – “Last Battle G & Blue Thunder” – Jun 24, 1999 (Japan Only) – S-Neo/Human Entertainment – Sony Playstation

12.) Big Bang Pro Wrestling – Takafumi Wada – “Knives (Brian’s Theme)” – Nov 23, 2000 – S-Neo/SNK – NeoGeo Pocket Color

13.) Zen-Nippon Joshi Pro Wrestling Kounin (Fire Pro Joshi All-Star Dream Slam) – Unknown – “Theme of Devil Masami (Dynamite Kansai/Shinobu Kandori) & Theme of Bull Nakano“ – Jul 22, 1994 (Japan Only) – Human Entertainment – Super Famicom

14.) Fire Pro Wrestling World – Mitsuo Nakajima & Atsuhiro Motoyama – “Main Menu & Character Select” – December 18, 2017 – ZEX Corporation & Spike Chunsoft/Spike Chunsoft – Windows PC & PS4

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