Saturday Morning Breakfast Mix – GIGANTOR/Tetsujin 28-gō (鉄人28号)

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Breakfast Mix! A show that remembers and honors those great cartoon shows that many of us grew up with. Whether you were an 80s kid or a 90s kid, we all remember those Saturday mornings just sitting in your living room/bedroom wearing your footie pajamas with a box of cereal In hand and enjoying hours upon hours of television geared towards you.

This Video is bigger than big

Taller than tall

Quicker than quick

Stronger than strong

and Ready to fight for right against wrong!


This Episode covers the story of the space age robot who’s power is in your hands and is at your command.
A series that is heavily credited as being responsible for ushering the Japanese mecha genre.

Get ready to journey into the world of GIGANTOR!

So sit back, ready yourself with a bowl of your favorite cereal, and take a look back at the history behind this amazing Robot that is fondly remembered and well beloved even after all these years: Tetsujin 28-gō (a.k.a) “GIGANTOR”



Special thanks to Bennett White (aka: BennettTheSage) for allowing me to use footage from his amazing “Barefoot Gen: Hiroshima, 75 Years Later” episode of his amazing series “ANIME ABANDON”.



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Posted by Edgar Velasco

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