Episode 155: Hot doggin’ Away From the Matrix Tears of Leadership

In this episode, Our lovable hosts remembering a fallen leader. A soldier who will live in our little kiddie hearts; Optimus Prime! We discuss our love/hate relationship with the movie that was made in order to make toys and wonder why the dude who voiced Starscream was a total dick! We also talk about how kids these days will never know what a Lemon Party is.

It’s two morons killing a half hour of your life that you will never get back, HOOOOORAY!!!

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We are:
Edgar Velasco (@MoonSpiderHugs)
Robert Menes (@LambdaCalculus)

*The opening theme – “Transformers” by Lion
*The ending theme – “You Got The Touch” by Stan Bush

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Posted by Edgar Velasco

PODCASTER who runs 2 different shows. Loves 8bit music, retrogaming , comics and Pro wrestling ..... and Platypuses are awesome