Episode 176: This Rocky Modern Life Wont End Until It Sleeps

In this episode, Our Hosts wonder why growing up is the worst part of life! We also discuss that 1970s Education film, The miracle of childbirth (or whatever it was called).

It’s two morons killing a half hour of your life that you will never get back, HOOOOORAY!!!

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We are:
Edgar Velasco (@MoonSpiderHugs)
Robert Menes (@LambdaCalculus)

*The opening theme – “Rocko’s Modern Life Theme” By ‎the b-52’s

*The ending theme – “Until It sleeps” By Metallica

Official Twitter: @NRoadTripCast

Posted by Edgar Velasco

PODCASTER who runs 2 different shows. Loves 8bit music, retrogaming , comics and Pro wrestling ..... and Platypuses are awesome