STAGE 64: Devil May Cry

A game that was originally conceived in 1999 as a sequel to Resident Evil 3, this idea was eventually changed Due to the staff and more importantly the games director Hideki Kamiya seeing that it would not fit the Resident Evil franchise, the devil may cry series, its characters and its other sequels are still among one of capcoms most popular franchises.

So it is why this STAGE of the Retro VGM Revival Hour we charge up our devil triggers and load up our pistols and stylish combat styles with these selected tracks from the devil may cry series.

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Full track listing:
===========Game – Composer – Title – Company========

1.) Devil May Cry – Masami Ueda, Masato Kohda & Misao Senbongi – “PUBIC ENEMY (Regular Battle 1), Psycho Siren (Mid-Boss Battle), Red-hot Juice (Phantom Appears), Lock and Load (Blade Appears /Regular Battle 2), Super Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Appears/Battle Ver. 3), Legendary Battle (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 1 In the Sky) & Dante & Trish/ Seeds of Love (Staff Roll)”- August 23, 2001 – Capcom – PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PS4 & Xbox One

2.) Devil May Cry 2 – Masato Kohda, Tetsuya Shibata & Satoshi Ise – “Shoot the Works (Dante Battle 2), Demon’s Paradise (Lucia Battle 2), Cursed Giant (Orangguerra/Tartarussian Battle), Bust the Beast (Goatling/ Phantom Battle) & Faithful Servant (Furiataurus Battle)” – January 25, 2003 – Capcom – PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PS4 & Xbox One

3.) Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – Tetsuya Shibata & Kento Hasegawa – “Dante’s Office 7 Hells Battle, Vergil Battle 2, Lady Battle, Beowulf Battle (w/ vocals by Shawn McPherson), Battle-2/Battle Music 2 (w/ vocals by Shawn McPherson), Doppelganger Battle, Arkham Battle 2, Vergil Battle 3 & Devils Never Cry/Staff Roll (w/ vocals by Shawn McPherson & David Baker) ” – February 17, 2005 -Capcom – PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PS4 & Xbox One

4.) Devil May Cry 4 – Tetsuya Shibata, Kento Hasegawa, Masami Ueda, Shusaku Uchiyama, Kota Suzuki, Akihiko Narita, Rei Kondoh, Masayoshi Ishi (CHAMY.Ishi) & Shinichiro Sato – “Out Of Darkness /Prologue (w/ vocals by Aubrey Ashburn), Blackened Angel/Dante Battle 1 (w/ vocals by Shawn McPherson), The Time Has Come/Generic Nero Battle (w/ vocals by Jason Arnold), Baroque And Beats (Battle w/ Bianco Angelo), The Viper (Battle with Echidna) & Shall Never Surrender/Staff Roll (w/ vocals by Jason Arnold)” – January 31, 2008 – Capcom – Android, iOS, Windows PC, PS3, PS4, Nvidia Shield Portable, Shield Tablet, Nvidia Shield TV, Xbox 360 & Xbox One

5.) DMC: Devil May Cry – Noisia (Martijn van Sonderen, Nik Roos, Thijs de Vlieger) & Combichrist (Andy LaPlegua, Joe Letz, Z Marr, Abbey Nex) – “Hunter Theme, Barbas Theme, Lilith’s Club, Mundus Theme, Zombie Fistfight, Feed the Fire, Sent To Destroy & Burial Alive” – January 15, 2013 – Ninja Theory/Capcom – Windows PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One

6.) Project X Zone – Salamander Factory (based on the original Composition by Masami Ueda) – “Devils Never Cry & Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo theme)” – October 11, 2012 – Banpresto & Monolith Soft/Namco Bandai Games – Nintendo 3DS

7.) Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax – Shoji Meguro, Toshiko Tasaki & Kenichi Tsuchiya – “Normal Battle Deep World Amara, Showtime, Warp Field, Joint Struggle & Dante Battle” – January 29, 2004 – Atlus – PS2

8.) Devil May Cry 5 – Kota Suzuki, John R. Graham, Yoshiya Terayama, Hiromitsu Maeba, Casey Edwards, Stephen McNair, Cody Matthew Johnson & Jeff Rona – “Unbearable Pressure, Blazing Muscle, Lunatic Ray, Splitting Fool, Abyssal Time, Voltaic Black Knight, Silver Bullet, Devil Trigger (w/ vocals by Ali Edwards)” – March 8, 2019 – Capcom – PS4, Windows PC & Xbox One

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