Episode 152: Reanimated Condolences for the Man Who Brought Us the Living Dead

In this episode, our lovable hosts are honoring the man behind the Modern Zombie film: George Romero. We discuss his body of work, get sidetracked by the 30th anniversary of the original RoboCop film, just to end it with us talking about edited for TV R-rated films!

It’s two morons killing a half hour of your life that you will never get back! HOOOOORAY!!!

Download the episode directly HERE. (right click and choose “Save As”!)

We are:
Edgar Velasco (@MoonSpiderHugs)
Robert Menes (@LambdaCalculus)

*The opening theme – “Dawn of the Dead Main Theme“ By Goblin
*The ending theme – “Robocop Main Theme” by Basil Poledouris

Official Twitter: @NRoadTripCast

Posted by Robert Menes

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